Flight Case for Z1


When we’re hired by someone to edit their content, increasingly we’re being asked to attend shoots and perform DIT duties.  So we opted for an HP Z1 as our portable machine to take on set to carry out the transfer of rushes.  I say portable with a wry smile – at 21kgs it’s not something you can pop into a laptop bag!

However, we found a great company in the UK called EPS Flight Cases, who make custom made heavy-duty flight cases for a variety of tech gear, including the Z1.  It has a pull out handle and wheels, so it’s pretty easy to move around, and it also includes an extra storage compartment under the machine, where we can store our keyboards, hard drives and cables.  If you own a Z1 and would like the option of taking it on set, you should check out their website – http://www.epsflightcases.co.uk/

EPS flight case on set at Abbey Road Studios.

Toby and Darren setting up the DIT station.

Extra storage compartment for all our DIT peripherals.