Something from the archive ….


Way back in 2004, whilst working as a staff editor at Abbey Road Studios, cutting projects on the lovely Media 100 844x, I was commissioned by Universal Music to cut a TV advert for the soundtrack albums to the Kill Bill films, to coincide with the cinema release of Kill Bill Vol 2.  I was and am still a massive Tarantino fan, ever since watching Reservoir Dogs as a wide-eyed 17 year old, so to get to work with footage from one of his films, albeit in a roundabout fashion, was a dream come true.  I cut the sound bed first, and then had great fun trying to find shots from the film to match to the music.

With the edit approved, Burt Kwouk (of the Pink Panther films) was booked in to record a voice over, before final graphics were to be added.  Unfortunately on the day of the voice over, the commissioning editor from Universal was made redundant, and all his projects were shelved with immediate effect.  The edit never saw the light of day.  Shit happens.  At least I still had a job, unlike the poor fellow from Universal.  I found the edit today, whilst looking through an old drive with showreel clips on, so I thought I’d put it out there for old time’s sake.  Apologies for the quality – it’s been ripped from a standard def DVD.