The Wonderful First Aid Kit


This is another one of my highlights from the first season of Abbey Road Studios: In Session with VW Beetle, which we finished post-production on earlier in 2013.  My job working working as an editor in music often means I’m working on jobs for bands or artists that I’ve never heard of before.  I don’t mean that in a bad way – it’s just the nature of working with new and breaking bands, and my finger isn’t exactly on the pulse of modern music.  So when I was told that one of the bookings for the series were First Aid Kit, I took to YouTube and Wikipedia to find out more about the band.

The first clip I found was a cover version of Paul Simon’s America, which the girls performed at the Polar Music Prize, and I was blown away by their performance.  When the girls came in to record their performance in Studio 2, they were trying to decide which song to perform as the extra track in their set.  Luckily I had already mentioned to the show’s Producer, Michael Gleason, how great this YouTube video was, and he immediately suggested they do the same cover for our show.  It’s since gone on to become my favourite track from the entire series, and I can only hope this edit does some justice to the atmosphere and emotion that was in the room when the girls recorded the track for us.